Site PI: Dr. Douglas AE White

Funder: NIH 5R01AI106057-04

The Levitt Center is a subawardee on this multi-center trial of 3 different strategies to increase the effectiveness of ED-based screening for HIV, a novel use of the emergency care system pioneered by Dr. White and others more than 10 years ago.  Because the ED is a key source of care for people at high risk for HIV, the ED has become a rich source for discovering and linking to care people infected with HIV but undiagnosed. Dr. White has spent the intervening years investigating the optimal approach for ED-based screening, and this grant, in collaboration with Denver Health as the primary grantee for HIV-TESTED as well as Johns Hopkins University and the University of Cincinnati, is a big step forward in such an effort.


PI: Dr. Douglas AE White

Funder: Gilead FOCUS

After establishing the utility of ED-based HIV screening over the past decade with more than a dozen peer-reviewed papers, Dr. White and his team have broadened the scope of the ED-based public health screening program to include the identification of hepatitis C. Once an essentially untreatable infection, Hep C is now curable, and the underlying idea of this work is to get more patients with Hep C on the path to a cure.  Like HIV, Hep C is found among many patients whose social circumstances lead them to seek episodic emergency care, leaving detection of their disease up to the emergency care system. The work of Dr. White and his team has already led to advances in the efficient use of emergency resources to uncover undiagnosed hepatitis C.