Social Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference, September 14-15, 2017

Inventing Social Emergency Medicine

The Levitt Center for Social Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with the Emergency Medicine Foundation and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to conduct a consensus conference to establish the intellectual underpinnings and future direction of Social Emergency Medicine. The conference was held at ACEP headquarters in Dallas, TX, on September 14 & 15.

The structure of the conference included three half-days of invited paper presentations, invited commentaries and open discussion. Each half-day featured two such cycles, for a total of six structured sessions. Proceedings of the conference will be aggregated into either a book or a journal supplement, as well as into a web-based resource for those interested in understanding this rapidly emerging field within clinical and academic emergency medicine.

Project Directors include: Sandra Schneider, MD, Harrison Jacob Alter, MD, MS, FACEP, Cynthia Ann Singh, MS.

Levitt Center Lynton Scholars

Thanks to the generosity of the family of Jamie and Michael Lynton, the Levitt Center sponsored three EM-bound students and three current EM residents to attend the conference as Lynton Scholars. Lynton Scholars received airfare and accommodations and had the opportunity to attend the conference. They will also be actively involved in the publications and supplements arising from the conference. We received an unanticipated - and extraordinary - number of applications for the six scholarships. The commitment among all the applicants to SEM was remarkable. Read about the six Lynton Scholars here!