Guns and the Public Health

Prinicpal Investigators: Jahan Fahimi, MD, MPH; Harrison J. Alter, MD, MS

The Levitt Center is collaborating with investigators from Alameda Health System's Departments of Medicine and Surgery to form a Gun Injury Working Group, to embark on a line of inquiry exploring the role of gun violence in the public health. Combining our skills and experience in epidemiology, anthropology, violence prevention and the clinical approach to victims of gun violence, we are currrently mapping a strategy to understand gun injury and death from a public health, rather than a political, perspective.

On December 6, 2014, Drs. Fahimi and Alter, along with resident physician Lia Losonszy and UCSF medical student Walid Hamud attended the first meeting of the National Medical Council on Gun Violence.  Both Dr. Fahimi and Dr. Alter addressed the conference, which was well attended by experts in the clinical care, epidemiology and prevention of gun injury.  The establishment of the Council has great potential to improve all three realms by promoting increased cross-pollination among centers and broadening the base of gun injury investigators and advocates.


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