EDUCARE: ED as a Usual Source of CARE

As Emergency Medicine providers in a safety net setting, we observe an astonishing lack of primary care access among our patients as well as a lack of information about how best to use it when available. If more poor patients become eligible for medical coverage under the Affordable Care Act, it will be imperative that such patients understand the concept of primary care.  To this end, we  used survey methods to determine both the rates of access to primary care, and patients' knowledge about these services.

FINDERS: Finding Diabetes in the Emergency Setting

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) affect millions of Americans. However, the disease disproportionately affects poor and underserved communities. This study intends to demonstrate the feasibility and practicality of finding cases of undiagnosed DM in the Emergency Department using random capillary glucose. We correlate random glucose levels in the ER with ultimate diagnosis of DM, with the aim of using scarce primary care resources more efficiently for patients at highest risk.


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